Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can anyone come watch the horse shows?

Most of our events are free and open to the public.  Grand Prix’s are held on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.  Please refer to the schedule of events, under the Hunter/Jumper Horse Show page of the website.  The main berm and pavilion will be reserved for sponsor patrons during charity Grand Prix and open for everyone during regular Grand Prix.  The Equestrian Center is closed to the public when horse shows or special events are not going on.  Please check the schedule on the website for horse show dates.

Is the Equestrian Center available to rent?

Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center is a privately owned facility that is available to rent for horse shows and private events.  Please contact, Libby Hott at 515-306-1140 for available dates.

Where is car/truck parking for exhibitors?

There are two parking lots near the barns that are designated for exhibitor parking.  Parking and driving in barn aisles is prohibited during show days.

I'm coming to watch, where should I park?

Spectator parking is designated to the lot near the facility entrance.  Directional signage will be posted for assistance.

Passing through town and need a layover for your horse?

We do have 197 permanent stalls located on our show grounds.  Provided there is not a horse show on the grounds using the stalls, we are more than happy to rent stall(s) to you for $35 per day.  Hay and shavings can be purchased through the Equestrian Center as well.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks (payable to Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center), Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Where is trailer parking?

All trailers and vans are only allowed to park near the barns to load an of-load.  All other times, trailers are to be parked in southwest area of field near 105th street.  Directional signs will be provided for assistance.

May I bring my camper?

Due to the zoning ordinances of Madison County Iowa, renting camper sites for a fee is prohibited.  If you are a sponsor of Hott Horse Shows, one camper site will be provided to you.  We are limited to 20 camper sites, so please contact Libby Hott if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.  Spaces will be given on a first come first serve basis.

How do I know where my stalls and camper site are located?

All stall and camper assignments will be posted on a lighted board, near the horse show facility entrance.  Please pre-order all hay and shavings.

Is Maffitt Lake Farms boarding facility open to exhibitors?

Maffitt Lake Farms will be closed to all horses, golf carts, bikes, cars and exhibitors, attending the Hott Horse Shows.  This is a private facility and reserved for boarders only.

Is riding permitted in Maffitt Lake Reservoir Park?

Horses are permitted in the park for trail riding.  All horses must stick to the trails and at no time is jumping allowed.  All motorized vehicles are prohibited on horse trails.  Maffitt Lake is a reservoir, so all swimming and boating of any kind is prohibited.  Any questions in regards to the rules and regulation of the park can be directed to Des Moines Water Works Parks.

When can I check into the horse show?

The horse show office will be open on Tuesday through Sunday of the horse shows.  Doors will open one hour prior to the show beginning and 30 minutes after the last class of the day has been completed.

Are dogs welcome at Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center?

Dogs are welcome on the show grounds, as long as they are on a leash or confined to a kennel.  Any dogs caught loose on the property will result in a $50 fee to the owner each time the dog is loose.

Do I have to wear a helmet while riding on the show grounds?

Helmets are required to be worn for everyone riding a horse.  This includes professionals, amateurs, juniors and grooms.  This includes riding a horse to and from the ring for someone else to show.

How do I get my camper pumped out?

Pump out service is $40 per camper tank and provided each Sunday morning by 10am.  Please leave access to your black & grey water tanks.  If you should require an additional pump, please contact show management.  Charges will be placed on your horse show account.

Do I need to fill out an entry for a non-showing horse?

Yes!  Every horse that is located on the show grounds must have an entry form.

Can I bath my horse in the barn aisle?

No.  All horses must be bathed in wash racks conveniently located next to the stabling area.  This includes spraying off legs and bellies of horses.

Are you allowed to haul in and work out of your trailer?

Parking will be available for local exhibitors who wish to haul into the Equestrian Center to show.  The parking area will be located on the north side of the Jumper Schooling Ring.  Only horses entered into the show may use this parking area.